Sub Floor Preparation

With a new slab or floor, you can specify your structural requirements to suit the application of your building, and the palette of colours and patterns can fit virtually any design criteria.

Quite simply, a polished concrete floor is the most cost-effective application in the marketplace for a finished floor surface.

Self-levelling compounds, latex, sealers, adhesives and then your chosen sheet or tiled flooring will be a thing of the past.

Polished Concrete Design’s HTC™ Superfloor System gives you a stunning architectural floor with a lifespan that can last as long as your building does, with a life-cycle cost of up to 60% less than any traditional floor covering.

Cost Effective

A polished concrete floor is the most cost-effective application for a finished floor surface.

Perfect for high footfall areas

Warehouses, workshops, factories, research areas, food preparation, retail zones and public spaces.

Aesthetically Beautiful

We offer bespoke designs using multi-coloured patterns or by adding glass or steel ball bearings.

Choose your style

Water-based colour stains can enhance the floor even further. Brand names and logos are also an option to consider if required.

Long Lasting

More resistant to wear and traffic than any other floor, which, if well maintained, will last the lifetime of the building.

Reduce ongoing costs

Light reflective finish, which can reduce energy costs and enhance the quality of light in a working environment.

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As with the HTC Superfloor™, polished concrete is dust proof – there are less airbourne particles, less health hazards and less wear and tear on machinery. The concrete won’t release toxic fumes in a fire and, unlike a resin or vinyl coating, mould isn’t an issue.

Polished concrete is anti-slip. It conforms to the SS-EN 6130-5-1 standard with all test results being confirmed within range of the American ANSI/ESD Standard.

The HTC Twister System makes polished concrete environmentally friendly and extremely easy to maintain, using just diamond pads and water.

Costs are significantly lower compared with other floor coverings such as resins and terrazzo.

Polished concrete reflects light, which can reduce energy costs and enhance the quality of light in a working environment.

Instead of topping concrete with terrazzo or tiles you can save up to four weeks with an HTC Superfloor™, which only needs grinding and polishing.

In these times of innovative design and intelligent flooring solutions, we can cater for your requirements whether they are industrial, commercial or retail.

We can offer bespoke designs ranging from multi-coloured patterns and logo applications, through to adding materials such as glass or steel ball bearings into the concrete to further enhance your floor.

There are no limits when it comes to designing your floor and Polished Concrete Designs will be happy to supply you with hard samples of your design mix if required. Attention to detail is at the forefront of the business and, through constant communication and an understanding of your needs, we are confident that we can supply you with the high-quality bespoke finish you require.

Whether your company is in distribution, warehousing, storage or manufacturing, by installing an HTC Superfloor™ not only will you improve the working environment, but you will reduce the need for constant maintenance in the form of either re-coating or patch repairs.

Directional walkways can be incorporated within the floor by use of water-based colour stains that will enhance the appearance of the floor even further. Brand names and logos are also an option to consider if required.

We offer a free-of-charge service to carry out a test panel within your working area, which will enable you to truly put the HTC Superfloor™ to the test within your working environment.

Polished Concrete Designs’ HTC Superfloor™ system meets, and in some cases exceeds, the operating standards required for virtually every type of business.

The normal build-up of any structural slab to finished floor is usually: install the concrete oversite, install the sand and cement screed, and allow to cure; apply either levelling screeds or tile beds, then install the floor covering of choice − this may be vinyl, ceramics or terrazzo, which all require further treatment in the form of either welded joints or grouting, then grinding.

This is a multi-step process, which will increase the programme time and cost of any project through additional materials and labour − and also the environmental impact of the manufacture of each of the individual materials used.

In conjunction with one of the UK’s leading concrete manufacturers, Polished Concrete Designs can install your concrete slab to finished floor level using an engineered concrete that has been designed for polishing.

Once the installation process has been completed, we can start our grinding process and installation of the HTC Superfloor™ as early as one week later.

Depending on the size of the area, by installing polished concrete your finished floor can be completed within days rather than weeks, thereby not only supplying you with a floor that is aesthetically stunning, will last the lifetime of your building and is environmentally friendly, it will also reduce key programme time by up to four weeks.

Like most things we do in life, the correct preparation is the key to success.

We recommend grinding the surface of a floor, as opposed to shot-blasting it, as this ensures that the substrate is not damaged.

We can remove tile adhesives, glue residue, epoxy paints and bitumen, and leave the surface clean and smooth, ready to receive your choice of coverings.

Our grinding/floor preparation teams are as skilled and dedicated as our polishing and maintenance teams because they know the costs of poor preparation.

Irrespective of what your chosen floor finish is going to be, the correct preparation of your existing sub floor is paramount, and can be very costly if not done correctly.

By using our HTC grinding and floor preparation machines you can rest assured that your new floor will perform precisely as the manufacturers intended and, more importantly, you won’t be spending weeks of your time trying to figure out whose product failed.

There’s only one correct way to prepare your floor − and that’s to remove every single provisional layer from the original sealer upwards.

Contact our technical department for information on our sample testing service.

Why Choose Us

  • Our entire ethos at Polished Concrete Designs is based upon delivering a service that incorporates both our own and our clients’ aspirations for design quality and, through our robust management systems, we constantly create best value.
  • Our system enjoys one of the lowest embodied carbon (CO2) footprints available for a finished floor, and we are currently undergoing evaluation in our aim to further reduce our carbon rating.
  • We also actively promote the use of alternative compounds to cement in concrete, which can realise a reduction in CO2 by up to 48%.
  • Factor in the lifespan and the truly beautiful finishes that can be achieved, and it’s hard to understand why we have wasted and continue to waste so much money hiding such a natural, ecologically superior product.
  • Whatever the scale of your requirements, our commitment to being the best remains the same. If you would like a sample test panel to see just how a Polished Concrete Designs HTC Superfloor™ can transform your concrete, please contact us.

What Clients Say

By installing a new concrete floor (by Polished Concrete Designs) and then polishing the slab, not only has it improved our programme time, the final aesthetics of the floor are far superior to any floor covering we’ve come across before.
HSS Hire Group, Heathrow