Resin Terrazzo

Elegant and contemporary, our seamless resin terrazzo floors can provide a colourful or naturally hued stone carpet finish for your environment.

The finishes are highly attractive and can include multi-coloured quartz screeds and decorative, visually textured finishes.

Our systems do not compromise on style or innovation and meet the highest levels of durability, abrasion and chemical resistance. They are easy to clean, assuring the continuation of comprehensive housekeeping practices.

Concrete polished floors offer a superb range of colourways and designs to coordinate with corporate brand and design requirements.


Allows for the creation of steps, risers and skirting to add the finishing touches to your floor.

Perfect for high footfall areas

Warehouses, workshops, factories, research areas, food preparation, retail zones and public spaces.

Aesthetically Beautiful

We offer bespoke designs to enhance your environment and provide long-lasting results.

Choose your style

Highly attractive multi-coloured quartz screeds and decorative, visually textured finishes.


These floors are designed to withstand wear and traffic and, if well maintained, will be long lasting and durable.


Easy to clean, this surface is ideal for areas where cleanliness is key.

Why Choose Us

  • Our entire ethos at Polished Concrete Designs is based upon delivering a service that incorporates both our own and our clients’ aspirations for design quality and through our robust management systems, we constantly create best value.
  • Our system enjoys one of the lowest embodied carbon (CO2) footprints available for a finished floor and we are currently undergoing evaluation in our aim to further reduce our carbon rating.
  • We also actively promote the use of alternative compounds to cement in concrete which can realise a reduction in CO2 by up to 48%.
  • Factor in the lifespan and the truly beautiful finishes that can be achieved, and it’s hard to understand why we have wasted and continue to waste so much money hiding such a natural, ecologically superior product.
  • Whatever the scale of your requirements, our commitment to being the best remains the same. If you would like a sample test panel to see just how a Polished Concrete Designs HTC Superfloor™ can transform your concrete, please contact us.

What Clients Say

All of the above floors installed by Polished Concrete Designs have different finishes, and they are always very happy to produce numerous samples showing different finishes to suit our requirements.

Polished Concrete Designs is very well organised and professional in its approach, and generally all works go well to plan.

Communication is also very good, and any unforeseen problems with subfloors, etc are reported quickly and concisely so that we can all agree on the best course of action.

Health and safety and adherence to risk and method statements is also good, and we never have any problems with permits to work, etc in shopping centres.

One of the most important issues regarding these floor toppings is the preparation of the sub-floor beforehand. No corners are cut in this respect and we get the feeling that the guarantee does actually mean something, although we have had no problems to date.

This is a company that we highly recommend working with.