Polished Screeds

Enhance your floor quickly and cost effectively ...

Topping polished screeds systems can give you your desired aesthetic finish without the need for replacing your entire substrate.

Available in a varied array of finishes and colours like crushed quartz, glass spheres, oxide silicon, bauxite, crushed flint, marble pebbles and spheres, and white dolomite chippings.

Overlays to new and old slabs, our floors can be poured or hand applied from 5mm-40mm in thickness. They have a quick drying time and reach 55N/mm2 after the appropriate curing time.

The Concrete Floor Process : Get Amazing Results

Polished Concrete Designs uses a fully patented methodology to ensure your concrete floor is designed to suit your specific requirement.

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280x210 polished floorUsing the simplest life-cycle costs, a polished concrete floor has to be part of your design criteria.

In most construction scenarios, you will install a floor slab of some description and then proceed to cover it with various layers of sealer, latex, adhesives, etc before you even consider the finished surface.

When you have a polished concrete floor installed your only question will be why you have never used it before.

And if, over time, the floor dulls the HTC Twister system will bring back its natural beauty quickly and with minimum disruption to a work environment. It can be incorporated as part of your daily cleaning regime so, unlike with other flooring solutions, there is no need to stop production or shut down work areas while this is carried out.

280x210 Mapei UK HQThe Mapei Ultratop Polished Cement System can give you the desired aesthetic finish without the need to replace your entire substrate.

It is available in a variety of finishes like crushed quartz, glass spheres, oxide silicon, bauxite, crushed flint, marble pebbles and spheres, and white dolomite chippings.

As overlays to new or old slabs, our floors can be poured or hand layed from 5mm to 40mm in thickness. They also have a quick drying time and can reach 55N/mm2 after the appropriate curing time.

Floors − we spend our lives walking, sitting, laying, working, sleeping and dancing on them and they are all supported by concrete.

Concrete is composed of pure natural materials and forms the basis of virtually all the floors that we use every day of our life. For the last 2000 years, we have used every product man could manufacture to cover up this beautiful surface. That is until those lovely boffins at HTC discovered just what they could do with their grinding machines and a big tub full of diamonds.

The day will come when your customers arrive at the store entrance, collect their provisions unit and, as they cross the threshold, step on to a platform as their provisions unit floats 2mm above floor level on a magnetic field. With the gentlest push, much like a child’s scooter, the provisions unit glides across the polished floor, adding yet another dimension to the excitement of visiting their chosen retailer.

Bar code readers, scales and even a small LCD screen will gently remind them of daily special offers as they drift effortlessly from aisle to aisle. However, until that day arrives, the importance of providing a smooth, billiard-table-level, safe floor surface for all those weary feet is paramount, and the most cost-effective solution to this problem is polished concrete.

Mother Nature provides us with the most beautiful array of stones, shells and aggregates that shine like glass when correctly installed. However, should you want to be more adventurous, inlays and cementicious screeds can now give you a wonderful palette of colours and finishes to work with. And with a life-cycle cost better than any other product currently on the market, it’s hard to ignore.

Innovative projects that produce buildings that touch our soul will only happen when your clients has vision and very deep pockets.

Even our mantra that great design does not need to cost the earth has, in reality, a limited application as we all know that in the main, beautiful buildings have inherent costs factors that cannot be avoided.

Just take a quick look at some of our images to see a product that will give you a finished floor as contemporary as any you will find, with an installation and life-cycle cost below any other equivalent finished floor on the market.

With the advent of cementicious floor screeds, the colour and patterned palette available, your design scope has no limits and when you add in the cost factor, it has to form part of your flooring solution.

Factory Floor, Distribution Centre, Car Showroom, Motor Racing Circuit …

However we spend our money, whatever cost heading we elect to use, the need to demonstrate value for money has never been greater.

Capital expenditure, upgrading and maintenance all have cost implications, and the allocation of funds to simply replace yet another part of worn building fabric is frustrating, especially when these costs could be put to better use.

Concrete floors offer a large number of benefits, helping to reduce costs and prolonging the life span of your floor surfaces.

What Clients Say

Polished Concrete Designs provided warehouse flooring to cover an area of approximately 6,000 square metres − originally scheduled for completion over 21 days.

However, due to their commitment and dedication the timescales were drastically reduced without compromising the works carried out.

They are very professional and completed the works to a very high standard. The attitude and aftercare from them was, and still is, exceptional.

Polished Concrete Designs is a solid and reliable supplier, and an expert in its field.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Our entire ethos at Polished Concrete Designs is based upon delivering a service that incorporates both our own and our clients’ aspirations for design quality and, through our robust management systems, we constantly create best value.
  • Our system enjoys one of the lowest embodied carbon (CO2) footprints available for a finished floor, and we are currently undergoing evaluation in our aim to further reduce our carbon rating.
  • We also actively promote the use of alternative compounds to cement in concrete, which can realise a reduction in CO2 by up to 48%.
  • Factor in the lifespan and the truly beautiful finishes that can be achieved, and it’s hard to understand why we have wasted and continue to waste so much money hiding such a natural, ecologically superior product.
  • Whatever the scale of your requirements, our commitment to being the best remains the same. If you would like a sample test panel to see just how a Polished Concrete Designs HTC Superfloor™ can transform your concrete, please contact us.