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Factory Floors ... Distribution Centres ... Car Showrooms ... Motor Racing Circuits ...

However we spend our money, whatever cost heading we elect to use, the need to demonstrate value for money has never been greater.

Capital expenditure, upgrading and maintenance all have cost implications, and the allocation of funds to simply replace yet another part of worn building fabric is frustrating, especially when these costs could be put to better use.

Concrete floors offer a large number of benefits to commercial organisations, helping to reduce costs and prolonging the life span of your floor surfaces.

Cost Effective

A polished concrete floor is the most cost-effective application for a finished floor surface.

Perfect for high footfall areas

Warehouses, workshops, factories, research areas, food preparation, retail zones and public spaces.

Levelling System

Our machines can be equipped with the HTC ALL System Automatic Levelling Laser.

Reduces Vibration

Helps to reduce the damage to vehicles and plant, so reducing maintenance and production costs.

Long Lasting

More resistant to wear and traffic than any other floor, which, if well maintained, will last the lifetime of the building.

Reduce ongoing costs

Light reflective finish, which can reduce energy costs and enhance the quality of light in a working environment.

Why Choose Us

  • Our entire ethos at Polished Concrete Designs is based upon delivering a service that incorporates both our own and our clients’ aspirations for design quality and, through our robust management systems, we constantly create best value.
  • Our system enjoys one of the lowest embodied carbon (CO2) footprints available for a finished floor, and we are currently undergoing evaluation in our aim to further reduce our carbon rating.
  • We also actively promote the use of alternative compounds to cement in concrete, which can realise a reduction in CO2 by up to 48%.
  • Factor in the lifespan and the truly beautiful finishes that can be achieved, and it’s hard to understand why we have wasted and continue to waste so much money hiding such a natural, ecologically superior product.
  • Whatever the scale of your requirements, our commitment to being the best remains the same. If you would like a sample test panel to see just how a Polished Concrete Designs HTC Superfloor™ can transform your concrete, please contact us.

What Clients Say

We changed from traditional epoxy flooring to HTC Superfloor™ and, as a result, we no longer have ugly track marks all over the floor.

Hygiene practices when working with hydraulic oil have greatly improved and truck maintenance has decreased. The truck drivers say that because the floors were levelled during the HTC Superfloor process the trucks do not vibrate as much.

The floors always look fresh and are easy to clean.

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